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Choosing Decking Products

When choosing the decking product for your sundeck there are many things you need to consider. There are a number of different decking solutions available for your project. Knowing the types of benefits you desire and the your overall budget and important in making the choice which is best for you.

Cost is the number one issue related to the use of wood decking or one of the number of alternative products available. Pressure treated southern yellow pine remains the most economical decking product. Selecting quality a quality grades of lumber to reduce the presence of knots and imperfections. Higher grade lumber usually cost a little more but will still beat most alternatives. The natural look of wood decking has yet to be fully replicated in the alternate products. If you are willing spend the time necessary to maintain wood decking it may be the right solution for you. A number of exotic species of wood are available but are quite cost prohibitive and would require the same amount of upkeep, no matter the claims made as to insect and rot resistance

Composite decking is an alternative to wood decking. Composites are made using recycled wood material from mills and polymers that are extruded into a stable weather and rot resistant product. Composites reduce the amount maintenance required of wood decking. Composites are also consistent in size and appearance and can be fastened using a number of techniques. Some composites offer UV protection to reduce fading and special coatings to prevent staining. A major drawback to using the composite has been mushrooming of fasteners which can affect the look of the finish product.

The newest members of the alternative family are cellular PVC  decking products. This decking is 100% PVC . Wood aggregate is not used to bind the decking. This eliminates the concerns over the potential of rotting or warping. The manufacture process also eliminates the mushrooming affect seen in the composite category. Vinyl decking offers low maintenance along with UV protection, and superior stain resistance. Vinyl decking represents the higher end of the price range but seems to solve problems typical to the composites.